Belts were once worn only for the utilitarian aspect. Since then, this basic accessory has come a long way in establishing itself as one of the final sartorial touch that will complete and polish an attire. Designers of wholesale gown Kolkata are incorporating belts in their ethnic gowns to give it a structured yet modernist look.


There are so many different types of maximalist belts available and the best part is you can create trendy yet classy outfits by pairing one of these with a gown. Therefore, read on the blog below to know more about the best way to flaunt the indo-fusion look!



As you know a classic belt is a must-have for a complete wardrobe. But this time we are experimenting with this versatile belt to create the perfect dress look. Simply wear a jewel toned gown with an oversized flair and buckle a rich leather classic belt around the waist to create a sophisticated look. This outfit idea is not only great for the office but can be worn for low-key events or other functions where you want to dress up effortlessly.


There's something about the braided belts which makes it a must have boho accessory. These are great to be worn with ethnic gown as these are a cross over between traditional and outdoorsy style. Generally, people opt for leather for its earthy style connotations, but you can experiment with other fabric types as well, as long as it suits the style of your gown. If you are wearing a cotton gown with rhinestone details, then a braided faux leather belt will be perfect for elevating the look. These belts can be styled with ease and fits all body type for its immense flexibility.


Statement jewel

Believe it or not, these belts are especially designed to be worn with Indian gowns and for evening occasions. You can rely on this perfect accessory to create a major impression. It is the apt belt that sparkles for the glam queens, and the studded details will make you look more of a rock chick. The options are endless and the best part is these belts will make you look pretty and confident.



If you abide by the mantra of skinny is better than this accessory is designed for you. A classic gown with fewer details is perfect and women with a petite body type can pull off this look with panache! These are perfect for sprucing up an otherwise dull outfit and are also easier to pair with neutral colored dresses to create a playful look.


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November 06, 2021 — Kaushal DIdwania

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