Indian kurtis is being earning a name for themselves for quite a long time. From the time globalisation reached every corner of the world, there is a cross-mingling of fashion trends. Moreover, if you are nourishing the notion about Indian kurtis becoming out of fashion, you are wrong. The kurti designs are evolving each and every day. The demand and craze for ethnic clothing are increasing every moment.  Furthermore, the styles, patterns, and designs for Indian kurtis are also changing with time. However, to tap the global markets, Indian ethnic clothing is incorporating a fusion trend. This stance is helping Indian brands create their own place in the international market. 

However, Indian kurtis, among the entire range of ethnic clothing are an all-time favourite among women. It is easy to wear and carry. But are you tired of wearing the same Indian kurtis over and over again? Siaa is here with some helpful hacks to add dazzle to your kurtis.

Add a trendy look to your Indian kurtis by changing the bottoms 

Change your look and start shining in your ethnic clothing. Make your kurtis designs stand out by pairing them with these cool bottoms:

Try your Indian kurtis with jeans:

  • Interestingly, jeans go well with all types of kurti designs.
  • The kurtis can be long or short and straight or have flares. 
  • Furthermore, kurtis with jeans is a loved combination among all age groups of women.
  • Indian kurti with jeans gives you an unparallel cool and stylish look.
  • You can go with any colour kurti and confidently pair it with your denim. 
  • Moreover, if you want, you can always fold your jeans from ankle length.
  • Above all, kurti with jeans gives you the perfect Indo-western appeal.
  • Kurti with jeans has the essence and feel of fusion fashion.
  • Furthermore, you can pair a cool scarf or stole to look cooler.
  • As jewellery, you can always pick up junk ornaments. Thereafter, you can ensemble your look with watches, stud earrings, necklaces, bangles, and jhumkas. 

Experiment with your Indian kurtis with cigarette pants:

  • If you aspire for a modern look while adorning ethnic clothing, pair your kurtis with cigarette pants. 
  • Furthermore, kurtis with cigarette pants add sophistication and enhances your look. 
  • This styling pattern is gaining popularity among women of every section and age group. 
  • The combination looks amazing on women have plus sizes. Every size is beautiful. Now, the time has come to flaunt the unique fashion sensibility of all sizes. 
  • Moreover, his cross-pairing is a good option for every occasion.
  • From weddings to festivities, you can always dazzle a bit more in kurti and cigarette pants. 
  • An embroidery kurti for instance will look beautiful with cigarette pants. 
  • To try out a different styling pattern, you can always opt to carry a dupatta of your choice.
  • Jewellery of every type matches beautifully. 

2 Indo-western bottom options to lift -up your Indian kurtis 

The Indo-western style is flourishing everyday. The implementation of new experiments and innovations is taking place. India is a land of rich diversity: the fashion here highly resonates with the culture of the land. India is always eager to welcome new trends. Moreover, with high spirits, Indian designers incorporate those into the Indian fashion industry. The following two pairings are examples of how fusion fashion is infiltrating Indian aesthetics. 

Shorts give a funky look to your Indian kurtis:

  • If you think that you cannot pair your kurtis with a short, well it is time for you to rethink. 
  • Moreover, pairing ethnic kurtis designs with shorts just makes you look cool and funky.
  • Indian kurtis come in many colours and patterns. Make sure to wear contrasting colour shorts to stand out. 
  • Furthermore, if you want to maintain a casual look, you can wear a belt around.
  • Wear simple sandals or sneakers to complete the look. 
  • For vacations and outings, this combination of kurtis with a short is the finest choice. 
  • To look pretty, assemble the look with sleek ornaments. 

Look fabulous in Indian kurtis with dhoti pants:

  • Dhoti pants in themselves give you a look of sophistication.
  • Celebrities are widely donning this ethnic clothing at various events and occasions. 
  • All over the world, celebrity fashion has a great number of followers.
  • Likewise, in India, Indian kurtis with dhoti pants are becoming a convenient ethnic clothing option among women. 
  • Women are simply loving to flaunt this style of kurti design.
  • However, the kurtis appear like a knee-length fancy top above the dhoti pants. 
  • You can adorn sleek and simple jewellery to add more to your look.
  • Furthermore, a scarf or stole will enhance your kurti designs. 
  • This combination is a good option for events, festivals, outings, seminars, and conferences. 

Drape a denim jacket over your Indian kurti to look flawless in ethnic clothing

  • Wearing a jacket over is however the simplest thing, yet it gets an extremely consuming look. 
  • Moreover, with a jacket over you will have a breezy and carefree look. 
  • Within a few minutes of looking regular, you can look classy by just putting a jacket over your kurti designs.
  • However, the look is easy and simple to recreate as every woman has a jacket in their wardrobe.
  • This trend is not going to be out of fashion anytime soon. 
  • Furthermore, you can assemble this look with oxidised jhumkas, wooden bangles, stud earrings, junk jewellery, watches, bracelets, and rings. 
  • A jacket over your Indian kurtis will always make you look cool and chic.
  • As footwear, you can opt for sneakers or jutti. 
  • This kurti design pairing goes well with every occasion. 


Get ready to indulge yourself in a shopping spree for kurtis. Siaa, being one of the best kurti manufacturers in Kolkata has an extraordinary range of ethnic clothing. Moreover, the kurti designs are enchanting and they will definitely make you look on point. While adorning your ethnic clothing, don’t forget to implement these styling hacks by Siaa. Therefore, get ready to look your best.

October 28, 2022 — Kaushal DIdwania

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