13 Things About Kurtis that You May Not Have Known

Every Indian woman owns at least one Kurti that she can wear for any occasion. Widely known as a cousin of Kurtas, worn mainly by men in Northern India way back in the past, Kurtis are slowly but steadily becoming the most preferred attire worn by women today. Kurtis are designed in various styles allowing a huge class of women to be able to wear them for any and every occasion. With time, Kurtis have evolved a lot, keeping up with current fashion trends. However, there are many interesting attributes of Kurtis that are unknown. On that note, here are 13 things about Kurtis that you may not have known!

  • One of the Oldest Fashion styles: Coming across someone in India who's not familiar with Kurtis is just like finding a needle in a haystack! Though very few are aware of its roots, it’s interesting to know that Kurtis are said to be descended from the Tunics; a slitless coat reaching to the waist worn by women in the Northern India region in the 2nd century BC. Since then Kurtis have gone through many modifications and has become the most preferred Indian Ethnic wear today.

  • Indian-Western fusion: The Kurtis we wear today are said to be a lovely fusion of Indian traditional Kurti tunics and western dresses. 

  • Most Versatile Attire Style: From A line Kurtis to tunics to flared Anarkali styles, Kurtis are widely recognized as the most versatile wear. With a great range of designs, it also comes in a variety of fabrics.  You can choose from Chikankari Kurtis for a jazzy look or a decent cotton Kurti for a classy look. You will never be wrong when it comes to Kurtis. 

    Additionally, Kurtis can be customized to be worn at a traditional event as well as a cocktail party and it’ll surely look classy and charming both ways. From festivals to office wear, Kurtis have made its own place in the Indian fashion industry. And now, it’s paving its roots in countries like the United Kingdom and the United States for its freeing and airy appeal.

  • Perfect Fit for every Bottom Wear: What makes Kurtis the most preferred top wear is that it goes with every bottom wear. Kurtis go with palazzos, leggings, jeggings, pants, jeans, skirts, and even shorts. Just keep one extra pair of jeans or shorts in the office bag and, voila, you are good to go to an after-office party!

  • The Stain Hider: Women and period stains have a forever relation. However, if a Kurti is worn then the worry of stains can be eliminated to a great deal. Kurtis are saviors that way. While the long part of the Kurti will cover your stains, its comfortable fit will make you feel cozy and comfy during that time of the month.
  • Do avoid white Kurtis, just in case! 

  • Most preferred Office wear:
  • Between sarees and suits as professional wear, Kurtis have claimed the title of 'The Most Preferred Officer Wear’ in the past few years. Comfortable, charming, and elegant, Kurtis have a good mix of different characteristics that are well-suited for office wear today by most professional women. A solid-colored, plain, and collared Kurti will make you look classy. Pair it with a pair of ear studs and a wrist watch and it’ll make you a boss lady in no time! Besides, when it’s compared to other office clothing, it is comfier. This in turn will encourage you to keep active and complete your to-do lists in a breeze!


  • Most Affordable: Kurtis range from 250 Rs to 10,000 Rs and even more, making them affordable and easily accessible by all classes of households. You can shop from local vendors or from premium malls. One thing that you will get for sure at both places is a wide range of variety.  From Ambanis to Bmbanis kurtis are for everyone! 

  • Lets the Body Breathe: One of the best features of a Kurti is that it has been designed in such a way that it covers a silhouette perfectly and yet is open in ways that facilitates air circulation to the body. With various types of sleeves and lengths, Kurtis are the perfect wear for all seasons.

  • The Largest Manufacturer Of Kurtis: The market size of India Ethnic wear in 2020 was 17 billion U.S. dollars. Out of which 51% share was covered by Kurtis. This number is estimated to reach 24 billion U.S Dollars by 2025. Without a doubt, it’s the most profitable clothing style in India. If you are an ethnic wear designer or seller, it’s time to build a solid business plan because of its limitless potential in the market. 

    1.  An International Comfort Wear: India is the largest exporter of ladies' Kurtis in the world, exporting to UAE, Malaysia, Mauritius, etc. Clearly, the Kurti style is not only an Indian taste but expands beyond Indian borders.

    1.  Sensual/Comfortable Night Wear: Did you know that Kurtis can be worn as sensual and/or comfortable nightwear? Inspired by Bollywood, nude-colored lost Kurtis are worn as nightwear that looks very stylish too. Kurtis cut to thigh length having slits are, in Bollywood's opinion, very sensual nightwear.


    1.  Celebs’ Most Favorite Home Wear: Time and again, Bollywood has shown that Kurtis are their go-to attire style. Not only that, the celebs are seen in stylish and elegant Kurtis that are good for running errands while being super comfortable.



    1.  Kurtis are Frowned Upon: Although there are numerous benefits of wearing Kurtis, as a styling choice, Kurtis are frowned upon by a large community in the world. Women wearing Kurtis are seen as undereducated, unconfident, and lower-middle class. However, despite the hate, Kurtis keep ruling the Indian ethnic world.

    Established as the most affordable and stylish Indian ethnic wear, Kurtis rock our world despite being looked down upon. They are so comfortable and versatile, Kurtis are every girl’s best friend. Be it a casual, formal, or ethnic look, we can nail it with a light, airy, humble Kurti. Nothing is going to stop us as we’ll continue to wear them, style them, and make them a staple in our closet! 

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