In today’s world, everyone wants to look very fashionable and presentable. Fashion has become an integral part of people’s lifestyles. While there are many types of fashion clothing, ethnic wear is the one which is most graceful and classy. Ethnic wear is a culturally rich and diverse form of clothing which reflects the traditions of various communities. However, there are many cliches and stereotypes that surround ethnic wear which restricts knowledge and creates a cultural division among people.

In this blog, we are going to burst some myths and cliches about ethnic wear, so that people can appreciate its beauty and versatility. In this blog, you will get a new perspective on ethnic wear and you will be inspired to experiment with different styles and looks. So let's get started and see what are the 5 cliches about ethnic wear you should avoid.

One common cliche about ethnic wear is it should be paired with traditional jewellery which is not completely true. Traditional jewellery definitely adds an elegant and traditional touch to your ethnic wear but it can be totally optional. Mixing and matching contemporary jewellery with your ethnic wear can give you a stylish look that will reflect your personal style.

The versatility of ethnic wear is such that it can be paired with any type of jewellery from statement necklaces to dainty earrings to modern cuffs, ethnic outfits will compliment all types. For example, a simple suit can be paired with statement earrings or a modern hand accessory which will look very stylish as well as elegant.

Blending contemporary jewellery with ethnic wear can give you the best fusion or indo-western look. The possibilities are endless for getting a beautiful and stylish look when you pair your ethnic wear with your contemporary jewellery.

One more cliche is that ethnic wear is always bright and colourful. This is not true as ethnic wear comes in various shades from bright colours to pastels to muted tones. For example, the ethnic wear of white colour is very popular as it looks very elegant and classy.

If you don't like bright colourful ethnic clothes you can opt for muted or pastel tones. For example, a simple pastel-coloured saree with minimal jewellery will give you a sophisticated and feminine look. Or a white kurta with beige leggings will give you the best formal look.

Moreover, an all-black or all-white ethnic outfit can give you a modern as well as bold look which is perfect for those who like minimalistic fashion. Therefore ethnic wear is versatile and can be styled in various colours which makes it look fashionable and chic.

Ethnic wear looks beautiful on all body types, shapes and sizes. It flatters all body types whether petite or plus size, there is ethnic wear that will complement and enhance your natural curves.

One advantage of ethnic wear is that it can be customized to meet your needs. For example, if you have an hourglass figure you can choose a beautiful saree which can highlight your natural curves and waist. Or if you have a rectangle-shaped body, you can choose an outfit that enhances your body structure.

Ethnic wear also provides comfort to any body type. For instance, if you are not comfortable showing your body by wearing fitting clothes you can wear a loose-fit kurta which is both comfortable as well as looks elegant. Therefore, there are various ranges of ethnic wear that are tailored to suit any body type.

  • Ethnic wear is only for special occasions

Ethnic wear can be worn on a daily basis. The versatility of ethnic wear outfits is that it is so comfortable that they can be worn every day. You can create many trendy looks with it like wearing an ethnic kurta with jeans for going to the office.

Whether you are at home or going to the office or going for lunch or coffee, ethnic wear can give you the best look of the day. For instance, if you pair a cotton sari with a denim blouse and a handbag, it will be a perfect blend of comfort and style and you will get a lot of compliments too.

In today's times, modern accessories with ethnic wear are giving rise to fusion wear. And this fusion wear can be worn not only on special occasions. It can be integrated to give you your unique and personalised style.

Ethnic wear is only for women is an outdated perspective, as ethnic wear is not gender biased. Men, women, children or even pets these days can wear ethnic wear as there are lots of options in the market for everyone.

Men have a wide variety of ethnic wear like kurta, sherwani, dhoti-kurta sets, etc. Men's wear is usually more stylish and comfortable as compared to western wear. It can be worn on any occasion like formal or casual gatherings. Ethnic wear can even be styled with modern pieces to give it a fusion look. For example- a kurta can be paired with jeans to give it a casual as well as stylish fusion look.

Not only men but children also have many varieties of ethnic wear which are traditional yet give them a contemporary look. Some of the examples are for a girl child it is lehenga, suits, Kurti, etc. For a boy child, it is traditional sherwani, dhoti, kurtas, etc. So we can say that traditional wear is not limited to just one gender.


To conclude these are some common cliche surrounding ethnic wear. Ethnic wear is versatile and can be mixed and matched with anything, to give you a stylish, comfortable as well as trendy look. So don't be afraid and experiment with it to discover the true potential of ethnic wear, which will give you a timeless look.

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